You Don’t Have To Watch It!

  I just have to get this out really quickly. As you may or may not know, Empire is back for season 2 tonight (Wednesday, March 30, 2016). One of Empire's leading characters is Jamal Lyon, portrayed by the great Jussie Smollet. Jamal (and Jussie) are openly gay, and a big part of the Empire… Continue reading You Don’t Have To Watch It!

Music Monday – A Simpler Time

Remember back when you were the carefree age of 17? When your biggest worry was your British Literature teacher tap dancing on your last nerve and if your mom was going to let you hang out with your friends after school? When your only job was to go to school, act like you have a… Continue reading Music Monday – A Simpler Time

Music Monday – The Real Trap Soul

On February 27, 2016, the R&B and soul diva released her first mixtape titled Steady Gang and it is lit! This week's Music Monday is dedicated to the Grammy Award winning, Chrisette Michele. Steady Gang is a new sound for Michele as she serenades us with her soulful, sultry voice over trap beats. Michele has spoken about adjoining the… Continue reading Music Monday – The Real Trap Soul

To The Black Man That Only Dates White Men

I'm annoyed. Friday afternoon I was browsing Twitter when Huffington Post tweeted out an article written by Aaron Barksdale titled, What It's Like To Be A Gay Black Men Who Has Only Dated White Men. Against my better judgment, I read said article and I have a whole lot of feelings and questions. When I… Continue reading To The Black Man That Only Dates White Men

Why Doesn’t Sam Smith Know Anything?

Sir, Google is free. I hate to do this to Sam because I love his music, but I have to. Why doesn't he know anything? First, Mr. Smith is "absolutely speechless" that racism is a thing in London. For those that are unfamiliar with the story, in January of this year, Sam Smith and his… Continue reading Why Doesn’t Sam Smith Know Anything?