Music Monday – 6 Hidden Gems of R&B

There is so much great music floating around out there and if you don't know where to look, you may be missing out on some quality tunes. A good amount of the music on the radio is trash these days, so we must seek other avenues to find adequate sounds. And as an avid R&B… Continue reading Music Monday – 6 Hidden Gems of R&B

Music Monday – Created to Win

Sometimes music has a way of speaking to our true feelings. Some of the sub conscience emotions that we're not always aware that we're experiencing, the feelings we're afraid to confront, and the feelings that we know to be true but don't have the language to verbalize. This is one of many beauties of music.… Continue reading Music Monday – Created to Win

Music Monday – Thank You, Grey’s Anatomy!

I first heard the abounding sound of Sebastian Kole during an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I was so memorized by what was coming through my television I immediately opened my SoundHound app because I absolutely had to find what song I was hearing. When SoundHound didn't recognize the song, I took to Twitter. Thank God… Continue reading Music Monday – Thank You, Grey’s Anatomy!