Music Monday… Even Though It’s Tuesday

My days are all messed up. They are all running together at this point. My work week last week was a mess because of a conference, I didn't go to church on Sunday (I usually do so when I don't it throws me off), and the three-day weekend has me all insane in the membrane… Continue reading Music Monday… Even Though It’s Tuesday

Music Monday – Douchebag

So I feel like my past couple of posts have just been going off on dumb people for dumb things they have said or done. And this post is no exception. Sorry. Pray for me, y,all. Saturday night I went to dinner and decided to go to a bar afterwards. I decided to go to… Continue reading Music Monday – Douchebag

Keep “Dr.” Umar Johnson As Far Away From Me As Possible

  In my best Jennifer Lewis impression: I don't want no hoteps f*cking wit me in these streets. Wednesday morning I logged onto Facebook to post my latest DIY all-natural creations (whipped shea butter, deodorant, and chapstick), which is what I was supposed to be writing about today. After posting I proceeded to scroll down… Continue reading Keep “Dr.” Umar Johnson As Far Away From Me As Possible

Music Monday – Coloring Book Made Me Feel Closer to God

In one of my favorite books, The Shack, the protagonist Mack is having a dialogue with God (who is a Black woman named "Papa") about the music Papa is listening to.   "May I ask what you're listening to?" "You really wanna know"? "Sure." Now Mack was curious. "West Coast Juice.  Group called Diatribe and an album that… Continue reading Music Monday – Coloring Book Made Me Feel Closer to God

LWB: Learning While Black

"They're not just children, they're black children." The above quote was taken from an episode of Blackish where they brilliantly dissect the current state of Black people and the Black experience in America. They tackle the topics of police brutality,  mass incarceration, and a tear-jerking monologue surrounding having our first Black President. Through the course of the… Continue reading LWB: Learning While Black