Pick A Side, Cam Newton

Reminiscent to when Tyra Banks read Tiffany Richardson to pure pixie dust in the 4th cycle of America's Next Top Model, is similar to how I feel about Cam Newton these days. http://67.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m574y11hoE1r317bvo1_500.gif Just a few months ago, we (Black folks) were endeared with Cam Newton. He seemed to be steadfast in his Blackness. He was taking… Continue reading Pick A Side, Cam Newton

Music Monday – Black & Gifted

As some of you may know, while A Lot On My Mind is my home, I also contribute to a blog called Black & Gifted.  There I work along side of five other very talented young, Black writers. Being that we're all music fiends, we decided to start compelling a playlist of our favorite jams. This… Continue reading Music Monday – Black & Gifted

PSA – Don’t Be A Racist For Halloween 2016

It's September 1st, and I am thrilled. Like Tyga, this 80-90 degree weather is trash. I'm going to gleefully two-step into Autumn with my cardigans and Chelsea boots. Give me the warm tea and changing colors of the leaves. You can keep this death-by-humidity weather. I've been over it. Everything is better in the Fall.… Continue reading PSA – Don’t Be A Racist For Halloween 2016