Blac Chyna and Covert Homophobia

We've seen this story before, it goes as such. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl have sex. Boy pisses girl off. Girl insinuates boy is gay. Internet goes crazy. Amber Rose did it to Kayne. Vivica Fox did it to 50 Cent. Karlie Redd recently did it to Yung Joc. It's the oldest trick in… Continue reading Blac Chyna and Covert Homophobia

Dear White Hollywood: This Isn’t About You!

I have never had a cinematic experience like Moonlight. People throw around the term "breathtaking" when they see a beautiful┬ápiece of art or an attractive man or woman, but there were certain┬ámoments in Moonlight where I┬áliterally had to remind myself to breathe. Moonlight, and for so many other Black, queer men, is my story. It's… Continue reading Dear White Hollywood: This Isn’t About You!