Chescaleigh and The Beauty of The Journey

Last night I was preparing dinner, it was Hamburger Helper –  nothing fancy, and I cut on a T.D. Jakes sermon to keep me company. While I typically always enjoy the Bishop’s teachings, one line really sat with me last night.

He says, “God’s not preparing the blessing for you, he’s preparing you for the blessing.”

It got me to thinking about Chescaleigh and her recent success. Chescaleigh is a comedian, writer, influencer, podcast & show host, activist, and all-around dope person. She started her career nearly 10 years ago on YouTube making natural hair videos in her living room, and now she has the opportunity to executive produce her OWN show on comedy central.

I, of course, do not know Chescaleigh personally, but from following her career moves, and on social media, she is accessible and transparent. She’s easy to learn from because of her honesty, and easy to root her because of raw talent and an ardent work ethic to match.

I have watched many of Chescaleigh’s Snapchat stories of her waking up at 4 and 5 in the morning to make it to the gym, making time when there was none to meal prep her chicken and mango salsa, flying from speaking engagement to strategy meeting, to working on her show Decoded, to an endless list of other responsibilities. There have been times where she would be in literal tears of frustration about to being a Black woman in the entertainment industry and wanting to excel without compromising her integrity. I, and many others, have had the opportunity to follow a piece of her journey.

When I think about Chescaleigh’s win, I can’t help but be encouraged. Recently, the thoughts of not being successful and never achieving the things I have set out for myself have haunted me. From destructive thinking to literal nightmares when I sleep. The fears of not reaching my full potential have plagued my mind, sometimes into immobility (which is why this is my first post in a while).

But Chescaleigh’s win and Bishop Jake’s words remind me that there is a great beauty in the process that cannot be bypassed, finessed, or prayed away.

So, talking to myself here, Avery – keep going. Take care of your body, take care of your mind, perfect your craft(s), and enjoy the process.

The blessing is waiting on you.


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