My name is Avery Ware. I am a 24-year-old with a lot going on in this head of mine.

ALotOnMyMind is a public journal blog where I will discuss music, social issue and any & everything that may happen in my day to day life.

I started ALotOnMyMind blog because there is literally and always a lot on my mind. It’s filled with an abundant of ideas that I always don’t have the opportunity or proper platform to express. And if I do, I don’t always get to express them properly. ALotOnMyMind blog is my space to release and ease my mind through written discourse and to hopefully it will resonate with a few people. Sometimes I write in more hostile fashion than some may like, but these are my unfiltered thoughts and opinions.

The written discourse has always been my favored form of communication; transparency is my tone of choice. Many people use the internet has a space to present their highest self, but I elect to be sincere in my delivery and in content in hopes of connecting, healing, and entertaining those that choose to read.

Please feel free to like and leave comments. I look forward to reading how everyone will react to the content.

To get in contact with me, email me at avery@alotonmymindblog.com

Peace & light!

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